Rachel Williams

Affiliations: West Bend

I'm currently a sophomore at Luther College majoring in both Religion and Political Science

Policy Debate 2007-2011 for West Bend (All Levels, primarily V4)
State Champion in Varsity Policy Debate 2010

I'm a policymaker judge, meaning I will weigh the affirmative's advantages versus the negative's disadvantages heavily. Counterplans will also be important to my decision.

Kritiks: Not a fan of them. They must be clear and concise. Tell me why it's important.
Topicality: Have no problem with topicality arguments. Show me the significance of the abuse.

Speed: Prefer a few well-made arguments. Not a fan of Speed as a strategy for debate. I can listen to speed as long as it isn't excessive or unclear.

I will not time road maps and signposting is fine as well.

Above all be persuasive!