Name: Henry Wehrs

School Affiliations: -Central High (La Crosse, WI)
-4 years policy debate

Paradigm: Tabula Rasa


Speed is acceptable, to a point, in which case I will stop flowing after saying clear once.

Speaker points will be lost if speed reading is monotone.

Roadmaps and signposting are essential, as are clearly emphasized cites and tags, and warrants.

Cross-x can be open, but monopolizing a partners will result in lost speaks.


Almost anything goes, but clash must be direct. Warrants, standards and voters must not only be explained (and reiterated) but compared.

Much more receptive to thoughtful, level-headed policy analysis than arm-waiving apocalyptic rhetoric, but that's not an invitation to drop x number of nuclear war scenarios.

Less receptive to ptx and dipcap; to win, brink arguments must be airtight.

Ks without strong framework and CPs without strong theory are seen as much weaker.