Wagner, Thomas
Schaumburg High School, Illinois (2006 - 2008)
Buffalo Grove High School, Illinois (2009)

I am a judge and coach for Lincoln Douglas (Value Debate), Public Forum, and Congressional Debate. While I have participated in Policy Debate, I do not feel that I make for an adequate judge of the sport.

Value Debate Paradigm:

Speed - I can flow any degree of speed (up to roughly 300 wpm) as long as it is enunciated and clear. If I am holding my pen(s) I can understand the debate and am flowing regardless whether I am writing something or not. If my pen hits the desk, table, or whatever medium is currently used as my platform to flow on, then I am no longer flowing and not taking into account the arguments you are making.

If you decide to blitz through your case and you are grossly short of time (more than fifteen seconds off) I will be very angry and look down upon you, also, docking speaker points. While speaker points are less valuable than the win overall, remember this: if I am upset with you for any reason it will subconsciously translate into a decreased chance for my ballot, regardless if I can recognize this or not.

Decision Calculus - While this may be the most important of any judge's paradigm, I recognize that debaters using this wiki will likely be most inclined to know my spreading preferences first, so I placed that at the top.

I am impartial to an actual value / value criterion system, a burden structure, or net impacts, as long as you provide a lucid and explicit calculus for me to evaluate the round. Furthermore, if your opponent and you do not agree on a system to weigh, you must either tell me why yours outweighs or how you also can meet your opponent's system.