• Who should you not judge? These are the schools you either coach for or debated for.
Brookfield Academy
  • What is your experience with LD debate? Were you a LD debater in high school? Are you a coach of a team? Did you debate in college? If so, what kind of college debate did you do - NDT, CEDA, APDA, NPDA, NFA LD, etc? Did you debate some other form of debate (public forum, policy, Congressional) in high school? Have you been a frequent judge? Were you involved in a summer institute? Have you been involved in related actives (such as forensics, model UN, or mock trial/moot court)?
Coach and Judge of LD Debate for one year. I was did Debate in high school (38 years ago!)
  • How long have you been involved with debate? Are you a first-year out?
One year as coach
  • What are your thoughts on the rate of communication? What emphasis do you place on persuasive communication? Do you think about cross-examination?
I like debaters to speak clearly and slowly enough that I can understand them. I am not a fan of speed reading. I think cross-ex is important.
  • Do you believe that the debaters have equal burdens to prove their case or is the negative only required to prove the resolution false?
Equal burdens
  • Is winning the value/criteria debate essential for a debater to win? Is selling his/her position as the most desirable world/worldview sufficient to win?
Winning v/vc debate essential to win debate as long as agruments lead to the v/vc . Not sufficient.