I'm a traditional policy maker judge. I LOVE to see impacts in the debate - none of your arguments (DA's, CP's,K's, Theory, T or Oncase) have any weight in the round unless it has an impact. The impact of an argument is what I will determine the round on. However, this does not mean I was unwarranted cases of nuclear war and mass destruction. You must have more than just evidence to support your claim - the warrant must be there. Just because someone says something doesn't make it true - explain their reasoning. I love impact calculus! This makes my job so much easier. I will evaluate your impacts of magnitude, timeframe and probablity so the more you argue these the easier it will be to win the round.

With all that said, I dont usually like K's because the impacts can't be argued traditionally. If you can give me a real-to-life impact of a K and argue it so it's pertinent to the round i'll listen to it...you probably won't win on it...but i'll listen to it. But really, I think K's are never debated well because no one actually knows or believs what they are arguing.

Topicality is okay as well...however, the impact of T in a round is never argued. The voters are usually just spit out at the end and never really debated. Topicality usually is more of a time suck then I would like it to be. Please don't run it just because it's part of your generic strat...please. If they are legitimately untopical go ahead -- but don't waste my time if you don't plan on sticking with it.

I debated for four years in high school and have done well as nationals twice. So i'm not incompetent when it comes to speed. However, i'm not a big fan of crappy speed. I don't mind you going fast - but there isn't any reason to mumble, slur or yell at me. If I can't understand you then I won't flow your argument...therefore, it doesn't exist. I have had a few teams that after I disclosed would say "Well, what about this argument?" A lot of times those arguments might have won them the round but they didn't articulate them well or slurred through their tag line or analysis. So go as fast as you want...it's your choice - just keep in mind if I don't hear it, it doesn't exist. Regardless of how well you convince me after the round.

Everything else i'm good with. I love DA/CP debate and I LOVE when the neg attacks the aff's solvency and advantages.
So there you have it...feel free to ask if you have any other questions