Background: I coached PF Debate for two years, I have judged PF and/or LD Debate for a total of six years.

In general: I vote based off of what’s on the flow. If you’re speaking so fast I can’t understand you, I won’t be writing anything. Similarly, I think it’s important for you to extend arguments, not cards. Telling me to extend Stevens’14 doesn’t have the effect of saying to extend whatever point you’re making, Cards are cards, and you can get or find evidence to say whatever you want it to say. I what you to argue the evidence from your cards.

Listen to and answering your opponents argument is very important. Don’t just read a card contrary to your opponent’s evidence and say that that’s why it should flow to you—look deeper into the warrants/methodology/source/analysis/etc. then logically explain your point and tell me why it fulfills the value/criterion. Don’t just say that because you have a card that is different than your opponent, I should cross-apply everything you said and flow all their points to you.

In CX, don’t be rude.

Make sure to clearly state your voters and weigh their impacts. When deciding how to vote, the value/criterion are very important because they’re really the ultimate weighing mechanism. Don’t forget about them; it’s likely that unless there’s a disagreement I’ll vote on the criterion.

I’m not going to disclose or give oral critiques.

If you have questions or there’s anything I missed, feel free to ask.