Debate/Judging Experience
I debated all four years in high school and primarily did Policy, however I also did a few rounds in LD and PF.
I have judge PF, LD, and Policy for four years now for Appleton East.
Judging Conflicts:
Appleton East

I am fine with speed. As long as you are clear and have slow down a little bit for tags and sign posting, Ill be able to keep up.
I’m fine with either story T or technical T and with either in round abuse or potential abuse. Just tell me how you want to round to go in your speech.
I am ok with anything, as long as you don’t say “reject the aff” and move on. That is not a real alt, give me a little more than that, it’s the only thing I ask for. Kritikal affs are ok.
I’m cool with theory. Refer to my Topicality section, I’ll vote on theory the same way I would Topicality.
I am a very tabs Judge. You tell me how to vote and I’ll vote that way. I understand that this is brief, but that is because I’m a very relaxed judge and the debaters tell me how they want the round to go. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I’ll happily answer.