Emily Summers
Milwaukee Debate League Program Director

I did policy debate and congressional debate in high school at Rufus King. This is my sixth year judging- while I have judged more policy rounds than anything else, I have also judged a number of LD and PF rounds in the last few years.

Arguments- I will vote on anything that happens in a round- kritiques, theory, abuse, etc. I’m fine evaluating a traditional round, though I like kritiques if they’re argued well.
I’m a flow judge- regardless of what your arguments are, I should be able to follow a logical, evidenced progression of thought. Signpost, extend, and compare your arguments to your opponents.

Winning the round- Most of my rounds are decided by the strength of evidence, proper extension of evidence, and weighing and analysis of arguments in a round. Weighing the round is key to getting my ballot. The best debaters use nuanced analysis to win clash debates.

Speed- As a former policy debater, I should be able to keep up with whatever speed you’re comfortable with- though your speaks will suffer if you’re going too fast for your capabilities. I’ll let you know if you’re not clear, but only a few times.