Who should you not judge? Waukesha South.

What is your experience with policy debate? I have been a frequent judge for the past two years.

How long have you been involved with debate? This will be my second year judging debate.

What are your thoughts on the rate of communication? Do you place any restrictions on cross-examination? I can usually handle some speed, but nothing too fast. If it is too fast, and I can't comprehend and flow it, I get lost on what evidence and arguments are discussed. It is the responsibility of the debaters, to not only plan their speeches and be persuasive, but also look to the audience to make sure their thoughts and arguments are being fully understood. I allow open cross-examination.

What kind of debate do you like seeing: one with many different issues or one with a few in issues that are discussed in-depth? As long as the debaters keep their thoughts clear and organized, and don't dwell too long on minor topics, I'm open to any amount of issues discussed.

What are your thoughts on Topicality? I don't enjoy listening to topicality focused debates. However, if their is potential for abuse, the negative team must prove this is a convincing way, not just listing the definitions, evidence, etc. that they consider un-topical. Give me a story or different perspective to go off of, and don't focus the entire round around topicality, as I find that to be lazy and ineffective.

What are your thoughts on Counterplans?
I have no objection to counterplans, however stock issues will usually weigh more heavily for me in a round.

What are your thoughts on Kritiks/critiques?
I Have no objection to kritiks, however stock issues will usually weigh more heavily for me in a round.

Overall, I like to see a well organized debate that uses persuasive language, and does not bash the other team. Holes in the other teams evidence/arguments are a very effective way to win the debate, but I don't enjoy crude comments about it. I like clash, consistency and creativity the most. Tell me why I should vote for you, be creative with your extra time, and don't forget about environmental issues. Tell me something new and interesting that I can get involved in, instead of just reading me a bunch of evidence and expecting me to know what's going on.