Competitor: Congress & Extemp 1993-1996, LD 1994-1996, FourPerson 1995-1996
Coach: Assistant Appleton East 1999-2002 (Speech, LD and VSS), Head James Madison Memorial 2002-present (Speech, LD, VSS, and PF)

Speed: Most rates are fine, though slightly slower on the Tags, slight pauses to indicate and facilitate authors/dates, larger pauses when moving to a new arguement are greatly appreciated and keeps my flow of your speech tidy (and will probably garner more favorable speaks).

Procedural issues: I really like them because they are very similar to my work as a litigator. I'm probably more willing than the substantial majority of judges to vote on them provided the violation story is clear and there is an articulated reason to vote.

DAs: I'm not a big fan of overly generic DAs. I think the problem is more the lack of effort on the link or uniqueness story in most cases.

CPs: Generic are fine if the competitiveness is made clear, I've never been a big fan of consult cps.

Strat: I will not reject and will entertain even at the end of the round, apparently contradictory negative positions if they are argued in the alternative provided how the alternative works is explained.