Jan 6, 2015

I am the head coach at La Crosse Central High School. My debate experience is limited to the six years that I have held this position; I did not debate in high school, nor in college.

POLICY: My general paradigm is tabula rasa, with a smattering of policy. That being said, kritiks and topicality arguments must both be well-run for me to vote for them. Weak T or K is a waste of my time.

I am not a huge fan of speed, either. If I cannot understand what you are saying, I will simply stop flowing. It is very difficult for me to judge a round on an argument that I did not flow. I would like teams to have a DEBATE, not a Micro-Machines ad.

This is the Wisconsin State Debate Tournament, and there should be no open cross-x; however, I will allow open cross-x. Be prepared to lose speaks for it.

I think that about covers it. Good luck!