To start off I was in High School policy debate, and am currently active on the College debate circuit so I have a fair amount of experience in the activity. I consider myself a policy maker judge, and I tend to be much more focused on the big stick issues such as Disads, Counterplans, and case issues. That being said don't think that means I won't listen to theory arguments or critical positions. I'm fine with debate theory and kritiks, I just feel that the positions need to be explained clearly in order for them to be viable. I'm also fine with T arguments. As far as speed is concerned I can certainly handle a decent rate of speed, however I'm not the fastest flow so make sure you slow down marginally on the tags of your cards. Make sure you are clear as well because I will not remind you on multiple occasions, if I can't understand you I will stop flowing. Lastly if you have any other questions before the round please feel free to ask.