Experience:I did 4 years high school policy debate in Kansas and 3 years college Parliamentary debate.
Coaching Experience: While in Kansas I worked as an assistant debate coach at Buhler High School and a mentor at Sterling High School.
Judging Paradigm:While there in Kansas, I was a game play judge. Because that is not allowed in WI, which is unfortunate, I usually default to Tabs or Hypothesis Tester.I adapt to the need of the round.
Argument Preferences:I love seeing Spec arguments, DA, CP's are definitely okay. I'm fine with K-AFF and K's. I would say if you're going to run them-know them. Don't just think you know them because you can regurgitate a card. As a former parli debater, we lived on K's and CP's. So, please-run them correctly.
I'm not a stock issues judge, at all. I don't think that the neg "only needs one stock issue to win". That's silly.
Rate of Communication: Speed and spread are fine. If you think you can speed and you can't, I will call Clear. If you don't slow down and you're unintelligible, I will dock speaker points.
Schools I Can't Judge: Mukwonago-as I am their head coach.

All of this said, because my background in high school was also very traditional, as opposed to my college career, I think that speeches should be incredibly signposted. Cards should be analyzed and articulated as to how they apply to the functionality of the win. I believe in JOY. Judge-Opponent-YOU. Always figure out what the judicator likes, what your opponent is capable of, and what you're able to do. If one those things is lacking in some way, change it.

Debate is an educational and should be an inclusive activity but everyone should be willing to push themselves to learn the most and adapt for the better. I firmly believe that. Good luck!