Lorin Oswald

School Constraints: Homestead

I am a third-year debate coach for Homestead High School. I began judging vss rounds this year. In previous years, I judged 4pp.

I understand the rationale for spreading, however, unless you slow down significantly over your tags, I will have a hard time flowing your round.

I believe high school-level debate should be done to enhance research, critical thinking and persuasive communication skills. Therefore, I like to see good evidence, a clear understanding of that evidence, strong analytics and coherent argumentation. I am looking to be persuaded that both the hard evidence and common sense supports your position.

I am fine with open cross-ex as long as no one person dominates. And I do not want to see puppeting during constructive speeches.

Do you enjoy running T? Because I really don't enjoy listening to it. I think Topicality is almost always a waste of time. And it makes for boring rounds. Unless the Aff plan is way off base, I don’t want to hear it. Knowing all that, if you decide to go for T, you better argue it really well and focus in on it in the 2nr.

I think Counterplans are an important weapon in the negative’s arsenal. Kritiks are interesting, but being a policy judge, I need an alt that actually solves for the K. And that's pretty hard to achieve. I'm fine with framework and theory arguments as long as they are clearly explained (in terms of both speed and logic).

Overall, I prefer carded evidence to analytics, but if the cards are weak or power-tagged, I will prefer the analytic to the bad evidence.

I give rounds to teams that do effective impact calculus in rebuttals.