Simply put, I want to see arguments that are clear, complete, and substantial. I don't care if this comes in the form of a topicality violation, counterplan, critique, or procedural challenge, I'm primarily concerned with your ability to present an argument that is well-reasoned and engaging. Show me that you know how your argument functions by explaining what it says, how its claims are supported, how it engages the arguments of your opponent, and how I should view/evaluate these arguments in a way that warrant a ballot in your favor. Argue with an eye on the bigger picture - the team that does the better job controlling the framework for the debate will usually fare better than their opponents after the rebuttals are through. Ultimately, argue what you like, but argue it well.

*One notable preference I have is for fewer, but well-developed arguments as opposed to several arguments that are given little substance.

Feel free to ask questions for further clarification.