Hi, I'm Jake.

I’ve been involved in debate for a few years now, and it’s one of my major passions. As a debater I always enjoyed the opportunity to learn new things and see alternate points of view on topics. As a judge I wish to see two major things: sportsmanship and uniqueness. Despite the fact that debate is a competition, debaters should maintain some level of politeness at all times. I also encourage debaters to explore ideas and concepts in ways they haven’t before in order to surprise opponents and help develop critical thinking skills.
Overall in a round I like to see causation and correlations connect, as well as framework being followed. I don’t dislike laptops, I have one myself, but using one in round instead of a pen and paper tends to slow down a round, and I prefer you keep them shut during round. I like to see a heated argument but not to the extent of name-calling or personal attacks.
In high school I was a PF debater and thus do tend to pay special attention to the quality of your evidence as well as your values