I am from Muskego and debated for Muskego High School for four years. I was part of the first place 2010-2011 Varsity Policy Debate team. My partner and I were also recipients of the Grace Walsh Award. I currently attend UW-Whitewater and have been judging Policy Debate for two years. I am a Tabs judge. The best way to approach a round that I am judging is by assuming I know nothing about the topics you will be debating. I will make no assumptions or connections for any argument. If something has not been brought up, I will not judge on that argument. I will allow any arguments (i.e. critiques, counterplans, off case, topicality). I merely ask for discretion, because these arguments need to be very well run for a good round. I also allow speed, as long as I can understand what is being said. I love analogies. A debater's best bet in a round that I am judging is to weigh the round for me, provide explanations, and make connections. Paint me a picture of the world with/without the affirmative plan.