I am a tabs judge which means I am a blank slate. You need to explain everything the way that you want it be viewed in the round, also explain specific warrants because you cannot assume that I am already aware of them. This also means that I really don’t reject anything in specific either. If you choose to run a K, CP, and/or theory arguments, just be sure to explain it as a whole because if I don’t understand what you do or why it is important then I don’t really care to vote for it. Speed is fine, and it is pretty natural to speed when debating, but I hate an unclear debater. The only argument that I am a little testy about is topicality. If you are a good T debater and can argue T specifically then go for it. But I hate it as a time suck, I hate multiple Ts and I hate when either side doesn’t do all the work for it. If the aff fails to argue T sufficiently then you will get voted down… but if the neg doesn’t present it sufficiently it won’t be a voting issue. Just don’t make me do work as a judge, I don’t intervene. So roadmap, follow those roadmaps, and signpost please!!! Enjoy your debate!