Manning, Robert

Hey Ya'll out there in the interweb!
Im only in this thing for the money so don't expect too much from me...
Just kidding Judges don't make any money Ha Ha Ha.
So now that we've gotten to know each other let me throw a little somein' serious at ya...
I am your representing Congressman. I require everyone to show me the respect that I deserve and refer to me as Mr. Congressman or Congressman Manning ONLY. No smalltalk or banter PLEASE. I am a very busy and important man. I AM A CONGRESSMAN! Im meeting with some prominent Japanese figures after this.
I am here to make a policy decision regarding this year's resolution by either voting on the Status Quo, the Plan, A Counterplan, or a Permutation. It is up to you to persuade me which is more desirable and how I should even determine what is desirable. Don't assume anything. We all know what assuming does. That said I am open to any argument as I don't want to limit any debate. However you absolutely MUST make any arguments that aren't policy oriented relevant to my above mentioned paradigm for me to consider voting on it. I will only use the arguments you brought up in round to make my decision and I will try my best to intervene as little as I can (which cn be quite difficult at times).
I am not the fastest flower so if you plan on that fast talkin' you should consider that it is in your best interest to make sure I flow as much of your speech as possible.
There are a few things that enjoy hearing in debate:
Clash- Man do I love clash the more the merrier I always say. I would like you to make specific arguments, analyze their evidence, attacking any and all holes in their logic. Then answers their answers and so on and so fourth. Its called CLASH people. DO IT
By the Rebuttals I need you to bring together all your arguments to create a coherent big picture and above all I need you to be persuasive, use strong rhetoric, get passionate jump and down! Get excited this is debate people. YEE HAAAWWWWW!!!!!!!
Do these two simple things and I will most likely vote for your arguments and give you decent speaks.
Here my generally speaker point guide.
30- Kudos! you've brought me to tears with your impassioned rhetoric.
29-27 You are an exceptional debate one of the best I've seen all season
24-26 you are an average debate - technically proficient but nothing special
20-23 Im sorry to say but you are not as good as your peers
below 20 You need improvement I give 18 and 19 to people who give 1 minute rebuttals
I will give you a 0 if you talk about my mother- DONT TALK ABOUT MY MOTHER!!!
Now get out there and kick some names and take some ass!!! YEEE HAAAAWWWW!!!!!! YEEEEAAAHHHH!!!!!!