Judge- Marquette University High School
Years of Experience- 6 years of experience as a judge in PF and Policy for MUHS. I do not have any experience as a debater and my only experience in LD has been judging at a few tournaments in 2013. I have also judged some Forensics events in my time associated with MUHS.

Because my judging experience has been scattered over different divisions, I do not have much experience with this particular resolution and you will need to do some very specific explaining about your impacts and any specific topic concepts or acronyms. In addition, I do not do well with speed so please slow down. I will not call clear or slow if you are going to quickly for me so pay attention to my flowing.

The debaters must communicate why his or her position is the most desirable world view and then why their impacts outweigh that of their opponents. I am somewhat familiar with the function of CPs and think they are an interesting negative strategy when run correctly. Finally, I believe that the game is one of persuasive communication so do your best to convince me of your position. The negative has an equal burden as the affirmative to prove their case. Any questions, make sure you ask before the debate! I am more than willing to talk about my paradigm before the round.