School: Appleton East

Experience: While in high school, I did public forum, student congress, and extemporaneous speech. My only experience with policy was novice policy freshman year. This is my second year judging, and I've mostly judged PF and LD, although I have also judged some Novice and JV policy debates. I have also judged on the national circuit.

As per usual in Wisconsin circuit debate, I am used to a more traditional style of debate; however, I consider myself a tabs judge and am willing to hear and evaluate progressive arguments. I generally have a policy of non-intervention, but if my hand is forced, I will. I enjoy clash; it makes the debate more fun for everybody. I am willing to evaluate framework and theoretical debate; just be sure to be clear when presenting theoretical and FW arguments. I prefer quality arguments; if you throw a lot of arguments at me and expect a win out of pure quantity, the ballot will not be in your favor. Furthermore, you need to weigh your impacts, especially in terms of any respective frameworks. You should also tell me how to weigh the round-you are in charge of the debate, not me. I may ask for your evidence if it's completely ridiculous.

I can flow spread as long as you are clear and be especially sure to SIGNPOST, even if you aren't spreading. It's a good habit to get into anyway. Speaks will be based off your organization and clarity.