My name is Brandon Largin, ive been involved with Debate for four years now, my background is in public forum but i have been involved in LD as well both watching and judging, My judging preferences can be simplified by the following statements

Decorum: I look for great deal of politeness and a friendly disposition during rounds, rudeness will not reflect well on my decision.
Weighing: impacts are important tell me why, if I don’t here why something is important it may as well not be, an analytical comparison of aff and neg impacts is also important for swaying my decision.
Speed: make sure you are comprehendible, if I can’t understand you, I can’t take flows.
Voters: be sure to tell me as the judge why it is that I should be voting for you, if you don’t I may look to other points of your case.
Organization: I understand that papers can be misplaced, please be prepared for the round as soon as possible.
I expect a significant amount of clash and flexability.
and if the values dont clash i will be looking at analytics above all, should they clash my focus will be on them.

I hope everyone will have an exellent time debating.