School: Stevens Point Area Senior High (WI)

Experience: I have two years of high school debate experience and this is my second year judging. I also work with the SPASH debate team.

I'm a tabs judge but I have a few preferences:

T: I never went to camp so I'm not a master at T so if you're going for T you should probably spend five minutes on it explaining each detail clearly, and don't expect me to vote on it if you blow through it in every speech. In round abuse will greatly help your cause, and realistic potential abuse arguments.
Kritiks: I'll default to a policy framework so if no alternative is presented I hope your kritik ends with extinction. Like I said, never went to camp, so be sure to explain your arguments well if there are specifics that I need to understand. Usually, though, I have few problems understanding kritiks.

Impact calc/framing the round is key. In the end I'll vote on anything (especially if they drop it), but you need to tell my why I'm signing my ballot.

Email me at if you have any questions.