I have four years of policy debate competition in high school, seven years of judging, and this is my sixth year coaching. I've judged multiple years at both NFL's and CFL Nationals (including finals of CFL Nationals last year), in addition to multiple years at the Glenbrooks and other national tournaments.
Debate-wise, I consider myself a policy judge. At the end of the round, tell me why you should win. Give me the macro picture-how many will die, why the mindset needs to change, etc. I am very open to hearing pretty much any argument. Don’t run more than 2 T in a round-if you can't convience me in 2 T, you aren't going to magically convience me with the third. Also, if you're going for T, tell me very bluntly what you could NOT run because of their untopical plan text. Kritiks are perfectly fine and are welcome-I was a K debater myself. However, if you try to tell me that giving everyone a puppy will save the world, I probably won’t buy it. Regardless, go ahead and run it-you may convince me. Counter-plans are fine as well. Make the story with the Net Ben very clear and refute all theory. Non-topical, topical, I don’t really care. Theory and framework are fine by me.

I want roadmaps (not timed, of course) and signposting is helpful, especially if you stray from your roadmap. Speed is fine, but please don’t be gasping for air. I'll let ya know if you aren't clear or are too fast. PLEASE split the NEG block, it is there for a purpose and I don't want to hear the same crap twice! Open Cross Ex is fine by me in everything but Novice. However, keep in mind that if you are rude or interrupting your partner to ask a different question, your speaker point will be slightly affected.

At the end of a round, tell me how the IT impacts the world/society-whatever “IT” may be (AFF plan, CP, K alternative, DA, Solvency Turn, whatever). I want good analysis at the end of a round (2NR & 2AR mostly) to show me that you know what you read. Debate is about comprehension, not just a reading test.

Stephanie King
Rufus King High School ||