Experience: This is my second year judging for Milwaukee Public School. I have never debated as a high school student.

Paradigm: Tabula Rasa, and, no, I don't default to a policy ballot if not asked in the beginning of the round.

Topicality: Give me good, logical reasons why I should or should not vote on Topicality. I will vote on topicality, but you must present me with a clear story of the abuse and explain why I should vote against that abuse.

Counterplans: C.P. are fine with me, but must be mutually exclusive with the affirmative plan.

AD/DA: in policy debate, I would like to know both AD and DA. Then, let me decide which side is able to persuade in their direction.

Kritiks: these must be explained to i.e. I need reasons, explanations, and logical evidence from quality sources.

Delivery styles: please be loud and clear. Speed not considered a strategy to me. Use at your own desire.

Framework: framework is fine with me, as long as your able to explain it throughly.

If I was asked to define a good debate round, I will make sure to include clash, analytics and evidence as clearly as possible, such that, the ballot will flow in my favor.