Jim Jacobi has judged Lincoln Douglas Debate since 2004-2005, and Public Forum and Congressional Debate since 2002-2003, including rounds at NFL and NCFL Nationals, as well as The Glenbrooks. He has also helped coach at Rufus King High School (2002-2008), and since 2009-2010, has helped coach forensics at Ripon High School. His professional background is in logistics and retail sales management.

Judging Preferences:
  • Moderate to slower rate of delivery, but more important, quality of arguments over quantity.
  • Be clear and communicative. This is what debate trains you for. If you sell your ideas well, I might buy them!
  • Value and value criterion framework upon which contentions are weighed.
  • Persuasive arguments that examine the big picture with examples used to illustrate
  • Clash: please refute your opponents while upholding your own arguments