Experience- 4 years debate experience for Neenah High School, 3 years judge experience

Paradigm- Policymaker. Impact calc is the most important thing for me in the round. If I buy your impacts outweighing theirs, you will probably win.

DA/CP- I am open to anything, just explain it and have a specific link scenario and I have no problem voting for it.

Kritiks- I will vote on kritiks which you explain well! I will not vote on a kritik I don't understand, but I am very open to voting on a well explained kritik scenario.

Topicality- I really enjoy a good topicality debate and will vote for a well run and explained argument. I don't need in-round abuse as long as it is well impacted. Explain how this topicality debate impacts education or fairness within a round, don't just use the words.

Theory- I'll vote on it if their is a good explanation of impacts.

Speed- Speed is fine, i'll say clear if I can't understand you. If I have to ask for clarity many times it will be reflected in your speaker points.

Overall i'm open to vote on any issue! Keep the round civil and fun!