James Madison Memorial class of 2012
Four Year LDer, One Year PFer.

I am a very flow judge. I like debates that are highly logical with good clash and that tie back to a value/value criterion. I like to use values and value criteria to determine the offense in LD rounds and love good voters at the end that tie back to them. I believe that LD should not start with an outlined set of morals, but should be built in the round, so I am open to all sorts of values and moralities as long as they are well argued and reasoned. I prefer extensions with warrants and that extension is done through the entire round (if you drop it and they call you on it then it is your loss). I find it very hard to give offence for an argument that was ignored all round till the very end. Good weighing at the end of the round will also serve you very well. Speed is no issue as long as you are clear. Self written logical arguments are perfectly acceptable, but all empirical evidence should have a reputable source. I also dislike policy arguments in LD. While I do understand them I don't think they belong in the LD format.