LD Paradigm

PF Paradigm
I guess I'm judging PF at State this year.
1. Argument Types
I'm totally cool with you running whatever you want. This doesn't mean that I'm going to totally ignore your opponent's "plans are against the rules" argument -- you've got to prove them wrong or tell me that rules don't matter.
2. Speed
Normally I'm cool with spreading, but don't in PF please. Your opponent won't be able to handle it and the round will be annoying to listen to. Feel free to talk quickly though -- if your constructive is less than 1000 words, you should be good.
3. Things you should(n't) do
  • DON'T GO FOR EVERYTHING. If there are 6 contentions on my flow, please don't spend 15 seconds on each in your summary. Pick like 2 or 3 to go for, and actually do some weighing. I don't think I've ever judged a PF round in which debaters are explaining to me how I should weigh arguments, and that's probably why I dislike judging PF so much.
  • Please please please just drop your opponent's framework if it doesn't hinder your ability to pick up my ballot. It makes me cringe when a team spends 30 seconds responding to "we should evaluate this round by cost-benefit analysis".
  • Summary speaker: remember that your partner just gave a speech. Use it to your advantage -- don't just drop everything that they said.
4. Things you should know about me
  • I'm totally fine giving the first speaker more points than the second speaker if they give a bomb-ass summary.
  • I generally weigh impacts to structural oppression very highly. It probably won't work to tell me that your econ impact outweighs their discrimination impact unless you know what you're doing (e.g. you're a past LD/CXer or just are good at weighing)
  • If I'm judging your round, I probably don't want to be there. I'd much rather be judging LD or helping my team prep. Make my life less miserable. Thanks
5. Questions
Any questions? Email me at nhaselow@gmail.com or just ask me before round!