Now Sam Cooper

Affiliation: Waukesha South

BACKGROUND: I have judged debate for Waukesha South for two years.

Paradigm: I am a policy judge and will vote for a plan that is feasible. If the plan works then I judge on implications of the plan. Counterplans go through the same scrutiny as the original plan. They must be feasible and prove better than the original plan. DA must be relevant and directly linked to the plan.

Topicality: I do not like topicality unless the negative proves it is a major factor in the debate.

Evidence: Explain your evidence thoroughly and prove that it is better than the other teams. Your evidence should be directly linked to the debate.

Speed: I can flow most speeds but will ask you to slow down if it is a problem. I have NOT had a problem with speed.

Open Cross-Ex: Allowed.