School: Stevens Point Area Senior High (WI)

Experience: I've got three years of high school debate experience, I'm the assistant coach of the SPASH debate team, and this is my second year judging.

I'm a tabs judge, I'll always vote off the flow, but I have a few preferences:

Topicality: Throughly explain your standards/voters. In round abuse will be more persuasive, but I'll definitely listen to potential abuse.
Kritiks: I'll default to a policy framework if none is presented, so I guess I'm a little biased against Kritiks, so having strong framework/ impact framing args is important. I also probably have a higher standard for alt solvency.

Impact calc/ framing the round is key. In the end I'll vote on anything, but you need to tell my why I'm signing my ballot.

Email me at if you have any questions