Frequently Asked Questions

This page is created to provide answers to common questions. If you do not see your question here, please post something to our discussion page. Some one will answer your question.

Q: Do I really have to do this?

A: Yes. This is a much more educationally sound idea than circling arbitrary numbers.

Q: I'm not sure what pool I am judging - where should I put my information?

A: There are two ways of handling this. One method is to create two separate statements for your policy and LD preferences. The other is to create one statement that contains both your policy and LD preferences. The reason for this is how the wiki perceives the link. Your name = one page. So, if you just post your name under the list of both policy and LD judges - it won't necessarily create a separate page for each.

Method 1: create separate statements. Follow the instructions for adding your name to the main page, except instead of listing "Bubb, Nick" in double square brackets, you will put "Bubb, Nick - policy" and "Bubb, Nick - LD" in double square brackets. Put the policy paradigm under policy debate, put the LD under LD. This method will create two different pages for you to edit.

Method 2: follow the instructions normally, and when you include information about yourself list both your LD and policy preferences.

Q: I already have a judge philosophy up on; Do I have to post it here?
A: Yes. Where possible we have copied and pasted these statements for you. e.g. If your name is up here and you're confused because you didn't post anything to this site - that's what happened.

Q: Do I need a user name and password?
A: A user name and password are not required if you submit your judge philosophy statement prior to December 7, 2010 and do not plan on editing your judge philosophy in the future. If you plan to edit your statement, you must register with the WSDT. If it is passed December 7, 2010, then you must register in order to post your philosophy statement. This is to protect the integrity of wiki during the Wisconsin State Debate Tournament. Restrictions will be removed again at the beginning of the 2011 Wisconsin Debate Season.

Q: I am still confused. How do I do this?
A: If all else fails, please contact Nick Bubb. He will help you post information to this site. If you fail to post information or contact Nick - your teams will not be allowed to compete. It is your responsibility to get this completed; I can't work with technology is not an acceptable excuse for inaction.