Judge Philosophy
I debated 4 years at Celebration High School in Celebration, Florida, 4 years at The University of Iowa, I coached at the University of Northern Iowa, and now coach at the Milwaukee High School of the Arts.
Here are my initial thoughts on common questions:
Speed: Is fine so long as you are clear. Clarity is the most important thing.
Cross-X: Open is fine.
Decorum: Be kind and respectful to one another.
Fairness: Don’t cheat. My three pet-peeves are when folks steal prep, don’t mark their cards, and clip cards. My advice is don’t steal prep and mark your cards on whatever you are reading from, may it be paper or your laptop.
Argument issues:
Topicality – I’ll vote on it and against it. It is the obligation of the debaters to tell me why topicality matters, why their interpretation is best for debate, and what cases their interpretation allows for and does not allow for.
Disads – Sure, read them.
Counterplans – Fine too.
Kritiks – Explain your link story. Now, I don’t mean a generic link story but explaining, in detail, how the aff’s discourse and framing are bad. In addition, if you claim to have an alternative tell me what it does and how it functions. It is not enough to say, “Reject the aff and vote for the revolution.”
Overall, tell me how I should evaluate the arguments in the round. After all, debate is an activity based on persuasion.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Other than that, have fun debating!