Constraints: West Bend

I debated four person policy for four years. That being said I’m okay with speed as long as it is clear and concise. I am open to most arguments as long as they can be applied directly to the resolution. The most important thing to me in a round of any debate is clash; make sure you respond directly to what your opponent has said. I have seen too many rounds where teams don’t mention what the other has said and lost the round because of it. I have also seen too many rounds waste time on definitions; please don’t waste valuable time arguing them unless it is clear that it is important in the round. I also want to see how your case impacts the real world and why the implications of not voting for you will affect the world. I’m not too familiar with theory so make sure if you use it in round that I am able to clearly flow it for reference later. If there is any disrespectful behavior in round it will be reflected in speaker points.