Former LD debater at Whitefish Bay High School, 2 Years on Nat Circuit

  • Traditional: I like traditional debate, and it’s what I have the most experience with. As long as you enunciate well, it’s easy to get high speaks from me. That being said, I prefer cases that have depth if you intend to run this style; give me observations and underviews so that I have more voters to weigh than just the simple argumentation.
  • Theory: I am comfortable hearing theory, and I’ll understand you if you choose to run it. That being said, theory is designed to check real abuse, so I will only vote on it if there is a manifest violation in the round. I have an extremely high threshold for theoretical arguments, I don’t like voting on them, and chances are I will not.
  • K/kritik: I like K’s, and they are a good thing to read in front of me if you want high speaks. If you want to win the round, you should give me a clear weighing calculus on the roll of the ballot, and make sure that you are sufficiently clear on your link. Reading the K alone is not something that I will typically vote off of; you need to tell me how you link in and interact with the resolution.
  • Other: I am less experienced with presumption and policy arguments, so it will be harder to secure my vote with these strategies. If you have to run them, then you may, and I will evaluate your arguments to the best of my ability. I have never intervened in a round or on a ballot, and I will do my best to vote off of any arguments as long as they are not flagrantly offensive.
  • Speaker Points: I think of debate as a primarily content-driven activity, so your skills as an orator don’t really factor into my decision to award points that heavily. As long as you are clear, making good argumentation will earn you higher points. I am typically generous in my point allocation, and I will award a 30 if you are an especially impressive debater.
  • Speed: Assume that you need to slow down at least a bit coming into the round. I definitely cannot flow your max speed. If policy is a 10, then I will comfortably flow a 6/10. Particularly slow down and enunciate for tags and authors if you want me to be able to give you extensions in the future. I will say “clear” or “slow” as needed, but if you make it difficult for me to flow, you are going to have a hard time winning the round.