I have been judging LD and PF for 2 years, and I do not have any team affiliation. I am a senior at UWM majoring in Political Science and International Relations.

I will vote on whatever is presented to me--a values debate, a definitions debate, and impact contest--whatever. What you need to know is that I am not a coach and while I have been judging for a while I don't really know debate jargon, I am not the best at flowing, and I can't handle excessive pace. Speak slowly and clearly, please.

Evidence is really important to me. I like to hear author and source. Tag your cards. It's helpful.

Value and Value Criterion debate is essential. That's what LD is all about. But make sure you link your V and VC, and make sure to present a coherent case.

Please give me voters--I like to be addressed directly and succinctly. Recap the round and tell me why your arguments should outweigh your opponent's.