Affiliation: Middleton (Assistant Coach)

Experience: I competed in Public Forum and Student Congress debate in High School. I started coaching debate earlier this year. I am relatively new to LD and have only judged it a few times. I am, however, easily able to follow value based arguments.

Delivery: Talking a bit fast is fine as long as you can still articulate well. Policy speeds, however, are too fast for me. I will never render a decision based on delivery, however, if I cannot understand you, it will be difficult for me to flow your arguments.

Organization: Speak in an organized manner and sign post. Tell me what contention you're talking about. I'll be able to flow you better, this can only help your chances of winning.

Burdens: Obviously the Affirmative must prove that the resolution is a good idea. The Negative should strive to prove that the resolution is a bad idea, but could still win by disproving all of the Affirmative's contentions.

Decorum: There is no reason to be rude or excessively abrasive in rounds. This behavior is irritating to me and could indirectly impact my decision.

Value and Value Criterion: As a value based debate, proving that your value and criterion are superior to your opponent's is large part of winning the debate.

Overall Philosophy: Tabula Rasa. The round will dictate which arguments are most important. Convince me that your side is superior for a majority of the important arguments and I'll give you the win.