Wisconsin State Debate Tournament Judging Paradigms

Welcome to the Judging Paradigms Wiki Site for the Wisconsin State Debate Tournament.

Starting with the 2009 Wisconsin State Debate Tournament, all judges in varsity policy (four-person or two-person) and Lincoln Douglas will be required to post their preferences/paradigms/philosophy statements on this website. In addition to listing the statements for all of the judges, this page also explains why we are using a judge wiki and how you can post your judging paradigm/philosophy/preferences.

NOTE: Please only edit this site if you know what you are doing. If you have trouble posting a paradigm, send a full text copy to Tim Scheffler (timscheff@aol.com).

Why a Judge-Wiki?

There are several reasons to departure from our past policy of using the WDCA numeric evaluations.
  1. The interpretation of numeric forms often caused confusion among coaches, students, and judges about what a judges preferences actually were. The old judge preference form categorized practices activities as acceptable/unacceptable on a sliding scale. For example, some judges may find critical arguments acceptable as a form of argumentation - but not be sympathetic to critical impact claims. The information that a judge finds critical arguments as "acceptable" is unhelpful information to teams that run those arguments. A statement like - "I find with all forms of argumentation appropriate but have difficulty weighing kritiks against policy alternatives" would be much more helpful for teams to adapt. The sliding scale also left a lot of gray area between judges - what one person would say is "6" in speed someone else might think was a "8" or a "3". A written statement yields a better understanding of a judge's preference.
  2. A wiki-site becomes a historical archive. This means that judges will not have to re-submit their philosophy every year. Instead, teams can simply revisit this site. Additionally, a wiki site has the capability to let judges alter their philosophy over the year(s). For example, Bill Batterman posted how he felt about arguments that developed over the course of the alternative energy topic on the NDCA wiki site. A WSDT wiki site will allow judges to have an online space to post their preferences/philosophy/paradigm so that can be constantly accessed and updated as the judge sees fit.
  3. Collecting Judge Paradigm Forms has been a hassle for the Operations Director for a number of years. This method facilitates their efforts to achieve statements from all of the judges in the pool.

How do I create my judge paradigm/philosophy/preferences?

If you have not created an account with wikispaces before, please create one . If you already have a wikispaces account, you can click "Join this Wiki" in the box at the top left column. In both cases you will need to wait for approval to be a member for this wiki. It should not take longer than a day to approve your request

Once you've been approved, return to this site and click "edit this page." Now, post your name {Last name, First name} on the main page. Surround your name by double square brackets and hit save. After returning to the main page, click on your name to access your page. Click the edit button, enter text to describe your paradigm/preferences/philosophy, and click save. That's it. If you want to update your information during the season, you can return to your information and edit it.

Please enter your name where it belongs in the list alphabetically; thus, if your last name is Gomez, put it after Gaster, but before Gonzo. Also, please make sure to put your statement in its respective pool. That is, if you are judging policy debate - make sure your name appears under that form of debate. If you think you might be judging either policy or LD - please make sure that your name is linked under both pools. Additional help information for people who might be in either pool is listed on our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

To make things easier for you, we have combined the policy debate judges (VSS and V4) into one listing - even though the judges will not be in the same pool at the WSDT. Remember, this list is intended to include all of the judges at the WSDT plus people who may not be in the WSDT judging pool. Our hope is that we create a Wisconsin Judge Paradigm/Philosophy statement repository. The preference sheet is the final determination of what judges are in each division.

What information should be in paradigm/philosophy/preference statement?

Excellent question. We have created a page to help guide you in creating information to submit. Click here to view that page.

If you have any additional questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions Page or post a question to the discussion forum. Some one will answer your question.

Policy Debate Judges

Al-hassan, Amin
Altorfer, Bill
Athey, Jared
Barnett, Katharine
Barrette, Meghan
Baseman, Erik
Batterman, Bill
Beaver, Zachary
Bezier, Nick
Billerbeck, Franklin
Bourassa, Sam
Bubb, Nick
Buck, Sera
Burgan, Lucas
Carroll, Bertrum
Cekanor, Matt
Chapman, Jason
Charles, Noah
Cho, Nathan
Chomicki, Ernest
Clark, Charles
Cook, Jon
Cook, Melissa
Cooper, Sam
Csuy, Barbara
Csuy, Collin
Cutler, John
DeBow, Jillane
DeBow, Royce
Degeneffe, Kristin
Dennis, Josh
Devine, Brian
Dhillon, Kiran
Ehrlich, Miranda
Ernst, Tim
Feudner, Eric
Filak, Vince
Finch, Steve
Geenen, Jody
Glenzer, Sam
Goetsch, Steve
Gordon, Drew
Gray, Andrew
Hahn, Colin
Hamburger, Benjamin
Hansen, Dan
Haselow, Noah
Hass, Melissa
Heider, Matt
Henning, Dave
Holzem, Caitlin
Huther, Elizabeth
Jackson, Neil
Jackson, Tyler
Johnson, Jeremy
Kaounas, Sophia
Kapszukiewicz, Emily
Kestrel (Hill), Emma
Kahn, Mujeed
King, Stephanie
Klopotek, Joe
Klish, Nathan
Knepel, Carl
Knetzger, John
Komas, Heather
Krokosky, Neal
LaCha, Jeremy
Lanke, Zach
Larson, Chad
Larson, Sarah
Larson, Wendy
Le, Todd
Lepien, Kimm
Locher, Hannah
Mack, Joshua
Manning, Robert
Marston, Cheri
Martner, Casey
Marx, Taylor
Maylander, Timothy
McCoy, Willina
McGuire, Molly
Medved, Cassandra
Mehlos, Corey
Merget, Devin
Michaels, Evan
Mills, Laurel
Moffitt, Andrew
Mooers, David
Moorhead, Michael
Neal, John
Neal, Kay
Neal, Stephen
Olson, Matt
Onkels, Adam
Oswald, Lorin
Palmbach, Andrew
Parkes, Melzora
Payne, Charles
Payne, Elias
Platt, Justice
Prichard, Paige
Powell, Michael
Putzer, Maria
Reinl, Heath
Reynolds, Parker
Robinson, Miloran
Roessler, Megan
Ruffolo, Nathan
Russell, Charles
Sailer, Phil
Sajdak, Ken -Policy
Sauer, Benjamin
Schaffer, Angela
Schams, Greg
Scheffler, Timothy
Schindler, Katy
Schieffer, Remington
Schroeder, Eric
Schultz, Ben
Schultz, Tyler
Sexton, Doris
Shanker, Kripa
Shircel, Anton
Shircel, Sam
Shreekumar, Advik
Silva, Oscar
Spike, Jon
Surprenant, Linda
Swanson, Nathan
Sweberg, Dean
Thomas, Hilary
Tolstedt, Andrew
Trilling, Noah
Twinem, Alex
Umstot, David
Walker, Jerrod
Walker, Travis G
Wanecke, Nolan
Wanta, Samantha
Wasser, Kimberly
Watson, David
Weeman, Scott
Wehrs, Avery
Wehrs, Henry
Weiss, Mike
Williams, Rachel
Willkomm, Geoffrey L.
Wunderlich, Carly
Viles, Emily
Voss, Jon
Yep, Andrew

Lincoln-Douglas Debate Judge

Agrawal, Krishna
Alam, Afra
Aravati, Vishnu
Batterman, Bill
Barnett, Katharine
Beaver, Zachary
Bierbach, Jared
Broomfield, Jim
Brown, Pamela
Bubb, Nick
Buck, Sera
Caldwell, Brendan
Chomicki, Ernest
Cook, Hallie
Dean, John
DeBow, Royce
Dempsey, Richard
Donker, Jason
Dunbeck, Ken
Earl Cleveland, Justin
Filak, Vince
Froh, Kali
Gamerdinger, Katie
Geenen, Jody
Gill, Stephanie
Graf, Dean
Graf, Lindsey
Hansen, Dan
Heo, Min
Henning, David
Hildebrand, Kristen
Hoefler, Michael
Hoffmann, Isaac
Horvatin, Mark
Huber, Kayla
Jacobi, James
Johnson, Jennifer
Johnson, Jeremy
Kaounas, Sophia
Kapszukiewicz, Emily
Kestrel (Hill), Emma
Kilkenny, Michael
Knepel, Carl
Komas, Heather
Largin, Brandon
Larson, Chad
Larson, Sarah
Larson-Wolf, Graydon
Lepien, Kimm
Leigh, Rowan
Marx, Taylor
Mikic, Jake
Maier, Michael
Maylander, Tim
Matson, Shawn
McMurtrey, Garrison
Mooers, David
Munger, Devin
Munim, Hasaan
Neal, John
Neal, Dr. Kay
Neal, Stephen
Ngo, Isabelle
Palmbach, Andrew
Platt, Justice
Plum, Jean
Raja, Sharath
Rettinger, Anyon
Roselle, John
Sajdak, Ken - LD
Schams, Greg
Schumann, Morgan
Schultz, Elizabeth
Sexton, Ashley
Shreekumar, Advik
Sexton, Doris
Sexton, Steve
Singh, Ashveer
Stevens, Carissa
Stumbris, Nick
Summers, Emily
Smith, Chris
Smith, Jenny
Syron, Abby
Syron, Craig
Tabbert, Leah
Tidberg, Becky
Trilling, Noah
Trussell, Victor
Twetten, Cynthia
Umpir, Evan
Umstot, David
Vickney, Ashley
Vrana, Zack
Wagner, Mike
Wagner, Tom
Walls, Dedra
Wanta, Samantha
Williams, Ta'Liyah
Wunn, Scott
Yang, Eugene
Zemplinski, Marshall